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Our first ever Lebanese winemaker!

    • When his father started making wine as a hobby in 2005, Eddy thought this was far more exciting than his consultant job in the finance sector. 
    • He quickly turned this father-son side project into a fully fledged family business and now they create delicious and sophisticated wine together. Big, bold, yet elegant and refined.
    • From vine to wine, Eddy pours all of his love and care into the making the highest quality vino. 

Map of the Vineyard

Eddy's Story

I graduated with a BE in Computer Engineering and an MBA from a university in the US, then worked in several countries as a management consultant developing corporate strategies for financial services firms.  Fun!

My father started making wine in 2005 as a hobby.  At the time I was working in Dubai but was quite unhappy with my career, so I asked him if he would like to turn his hobby into a family business with me, and he agreed!

My first vintage was 2010, and have been making wine ever since.

I love seeing the evolution of each vintage in the making, from caring for the vineyards to bottling the finished wine.  And it doesn't stop there, the wine continues to live in the bottle of course!

Simply, it's the utmost care we take in crafting it.  We insisted from the beginning on making wine using our own grapes, it is the only way to achieving the highest quality we can.

I like to make wines with intense and precise flavors.  Big, bold, yet elegant and refined.

I grew up with my father being away a lot of the time (he had to travel a lot for work).  I never really got to know my father until we started working together, so this venture brought us closer together.

Seeing the pleasantly surprised expressions of people trying our wines for the first time, that is the most rewarding/memorable feeling of all!

We're a small family winery still fighting to survive the crowded wine market, when customers honor us with their purchases, it helps us breathe some sighs of relief.

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