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Old World favourites reaching new peaks on Mount Etna

  • Dino and Sophie are what can only be described as the ultimate Old World power couple - she’s French, he’s Italian and both have a passion for quality winemaking. Despite both coming from countries which established the most well loved and respected winemaking traditions in the world, they certainly aren’t afraid of a good shake up.
  • Eco friendly winemaking had long been a point of fascination for the duo, so when they spotted a small vineyard on Mount Etna with stunning views of the Volcano, they knew it was time to make a run of things for themselves. They take a minimal intervention approach to the winery, allowing nature to take center stage and treat each old vine (with an average age of 50!) with kid gloves.
  • With Etna's volcanic soil at their fingertips, Dino and Sophie have given old world Italian wines quite the revamp. If you’re looking to enjoy premium quality wines, as well as the knowledge that you’re supporting a small family business, look no further...

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