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Charles & Ruth's Wines

Hard-working husband and wife team on a life-changing journey running wineries in England and France

    • 18 years ago, Charles & Ruth took a leap into the unknown. They quit their dull, corporate jobs. Hopped on the first plane to France. And bought up their own little patch of grape-growing land in Southern France.
    • It turned out to be an inspired move. Since then their delicious, Angel-exclusive wines haven’t stopped scooping IWC and Decanter World Wine Awards and rave reviews from wine-critic royalty.
    • Their dream was always to return to their roots, making English wine in Blighty. Your backing also gave them the confidence to do just that! In 2014 they returned to their roots and planting their first English vineyard near Canterbury.

Map of the Vineyard

Charles & Ruth Simpson's Story

"Ruth and I were living in an ex-KGB building in Baku, Azerbaijan, on the Caspian Sea.  We were recently married and in our quiet evenings began asking ourselves what was we wanted to do with the rest of our lives.  "Not this" was the response.  We started exploring, from a distance, the wine producing world and writing a sensible business plan.  We haven't looked back and the rest is history.

We know our area has a none-too glorious past, but we're making it our mission to change all that.  Our wines are as good if not better than those produced in other regions with historically better reputations.  As someone recently said, 'change is coming'.   It began in 2002 when we bought the Domaine with an ambition to create outstanding wine.  And we are ambitious people, each giving up high-flying, international careers to pursue our dream.  And so far, so good, with a few bumps along the way. From our 33 hectare vineyard we have produced wines that have won critical acclaim over successive vintages.  Jancis Robinson and Tim Atkins are but two of our admirers.  You can read their reviews along with the wine medals we've won and plaudits received from other critics on our website – .

We promise that the wines we make will both surprise and delight you and that we will change your mind about the Languedoc region's ability to produce exceptional wine."

Charles & Ruth's Archangels

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Geoff Fitzgerald
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Quality over quantity and you won't go far wrong!

Adrian Smith
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Stephen McGarry
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My wine adventure was kick started by Naked Wines. Before that my wine buying was the odd £5 supermarket bottle, but a combination of my own maturing and hitting these forums as a New Angel in June 2015 led me down the path of far more engaging wine conversation and appreciation. If it’s any solace to Naked (worrying about their affect on the weak willed) I’ve seen similar epiphanies in my appreciation of craft beer, whisky and gin. It’s probably an age thing and they do say Life is too short to drink bad wine! Salut

Rupert Nash
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"We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!"<br />Right place then?