Bellfield Brewery


Exceptional beer made by Angels for Angels

    • Bellfield is the UK’s first dedicated Gluten Free Brewery. All of the founders are either coeliac themselves or they have a loved one who is so they take making the perfect pint personally.  

    • Bellfield only began brewing in 2015 but in this short time they have become a roaring success in local bottle shops and bars.

    • Based in Edinburgh, Bellfield are committed to making great beer in small batches so they can be sure they’re always making the best possible beer.

Bellfield Brewery's Location

Bellfield Brewery is a new, family-run brewery with a mission: to craft-brew certified gluten-free beer that tastes great. Bellfield's founders know from personal experience the grief that comes from not being able to find a delicious, UK-brewed, certified gluten-free beer. Bellfield intend to put this right. They are the UK's first dedicated gluten-free brewery, producing beer in small batches, using traditional brewing methods combined with non-traditional ingredients. All Bellfield beers are Coeliac UK accredited and carry the 'crossed grain' symbol.