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I love the idea of creating, in the fields and in the winery something new every year.

    • You've been crying out for a superstar Amarone winemaker for ages. So we set your trusty Archangels on the case...
    • Antonio was discovered by a group of AAs on a trip to VinItaly. His refined and elegant creations stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. 
    • Boy are we glad they found him. Antonio has worked his magic on 2 spectacular Amarones - and he can't wait for you to taste them. 

Map of the Vineyard

Antonio Fattori's Story

"I have a degree from the school of winemaking in Conegliano Veneto, at that time the only one in Italy, in 1979, with the maximum grade. I began working immediately after the diploma - harvest 1979.

I love the idea of creating, in the fields and in the winery something new every year. My wines are genuine, immediate and honest, produced in the field and in the winery with extremely accurate methods and particular attention to avoid the use of chemicals. I hope you can see this attention in the elegance, fineness and aromas.

One of my happiest moments so far was receiving an unexpected award from Decanter for the best mono-varietal wine ( Soave Motto Piane 2008 ). I think all the grapes and all the wines I produce could be improved, therefore the most memorable moment of my winemaking career is permanently postponed.

Thanks to our 28 ha wine estate, spread over 15 villages; we take advantage of the variety of soils to provide a wide diversity of wines suitable for both professional and wine lovers. Whether you prefer mineral dry wines, more round fruity wines or sweet and aromatic wines, you will certainly find the wine that suits you.

In the vineyard it is fundamental to improve the physical and biological quality of the soil. Mechanical airing, organic fertilization and bio-activation will be the key to improve the soil life and therefore the quality of the grapes.

When I started working, the equipment in the winery was very "old style" so to obtain what was on my mind was extremely difficult. My idea was, and still is, to produce wine eliminating chemical aids thanks to physical procedures (heating and cooling, reverse osmosis, cross flow filtration, high cleaning capability etc). 36 years ago this was yet to be invented, so you can imagine I have worked very hard and learned many lessons from failures along the way.

Honestly, the best reward for me is the instinctive, wholehearted recognition of my efforts and quality by the people enjoying my wines, so here's to you Angels! I can't wait to hear your thoughts."

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