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Up-and-coming winemaker from the Clare Valley

    • Adam Barton from the Clare Valley began as a winemaker largely as a result of tasting a glass of the 1965 Lindemans Hunter River Burgundy which was 'Magic' as Adam describes it.
    • Winemaking since 2001, the reason Adam's wines are so special is due to carefully selected vineyards, passionate grower partners & lots of care and attention to the smallest detail in the winery.
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Map of the Vineyard

Adam Barton's Story

"I've been winemaking since 2001, starting largely as a result of tasting a glass of the 1965 Lindemans Hunter River Burgundy which I can only describe as magic!
I completed a commerce degree straight from high school and then went into my first job as an assistant manager of the cellar door at Rothbury Estate in the Hunter Valley. This led me to take on subsequent roles in wholesale, retail & marketing. However, my interest always led back to the winery and to the winemakers who were very generous with their time and helped fuel my interest in winemaking and production. I gained experience over several vintages as a cellar hand before finally studying to be a winemaker!
I love the diversity of the work... driving tractors in the vineyard, in the winery, laboratory work, tasting, sales.... it's perfect for someone with the attention span of an ant.
I'm really pleased to be part of the Naked Wines family. I'd say the secret to my wines is down to carefully selected vineyards, passionate grower partners and striving for care and attention to detail in the winery.
I was recently honoured to be named as one of James Halliday's top 10 new producers so I can't wait to hear what you UK Angels think of my wines - I hope you enjoy them!"

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Ah, missed this for 4+ years!... <br />Okay, an adopted Bristolian who lives & loves the city, the music & the cultures etc. Got 'into' wine thanks to Averys, who are great (even if part-owned by Direct Wines, ick!) & then found Naked some time back - yay! <br />A wheelie gig&festival-going academic beard-stroking muppet who ain't gonna let MS stop me. Too much...