Meet our Wine Guys

Ray and Matt are your talented wine buying duo. They scout the globe looking for the world's best winemakers, ensuring your Angel funds get put to good use!
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Meet Ray

With almost 20 years’ in the wine industry, including a stint as a top sommelier at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze, Ray’s been scouting standout new wines for Angels for over 8 years. He was crowned a Master of Wine in 2020 (there are only 419 of them on the planet) so you can rest assured that you’ve got a trusty set of taste buds seeking out new wines for you.

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is going off-piste and discovering delicious wines in places no one thinks to look. It gives me a huge buzz to introduce Angels to delicious off-the-beaten-track gems you wouldn’t normally try or might not have heard of.”

Ray, Wine Guy

Meet Matt

Matt will be celebrating 20 years in the wine trade next year. During that time he’s scouted out top-notch wines for the likes of Waitrose and Berry Bros & Rudd. He brings a wealth of experience and a little black book of contacts that spans almost every wine region across the globe. Armed with your funding, he’s on the lookout for some game-changing wines for Angels.

My litmus test is when a winemaker starts talking about ingredients you won’t find on any label, like passion and soul, and a sense of place. That’s the gold dust and it’s when I know we’re onto a winner.”

Matt, Wine Guy