Green Wings

Green Wings

Started 03/03/2020 by Dominique B





Bring on the Naked Wines eco-revolution! 🌍♻🌱

We want to spark discussions and be an industry leader on sustainability within the wine industry.

We want to hear your questions about what Naked Wines is doing to be more sustainable.

We'll keep you in the loop with our sustainability plan, what we're up to in the office and in the vineyards to be a greener Naked.💚

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Luke Landers
Andy McGonegal
Sarah H - Green Queen
Simon (and Penny) Fisher
Mike Coker
Ray Bowen
Paul Lawton
Mark Bonsall
Helene Marie Zierl
Glyn Everett
Michael Sterland
Jennifer Buck
Alan Sims
Jocelyn Conway
Tim Taylor
David Tilley
Mike G Winter
Franck Massard
Jane Campbell
Diane Roege