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Small Breweries
We source our beers direct from small independent breweries in the UK
Fresh Beer
All beer is brewed close to shipping - so it tastes as fresh and delicious as possible
No-nonsense guarantee
All beers are covered by our 100% no-nonsense guarantee - so if you don't like, you get your money back.

What's in the case?

Grisette x 2

Delicious Belgian-style beer

Saucery x 2

Supernatural session IPA

Heavenly Harvest x 2 Angel exclusive

Fresh pale ale

Steam Lager x 2

Pale ale perfect for autumn days

Cascadian East x 2

Dry and crisp beer

Oatmeal Pale Ale x 4 Angel exclusive

Quaffable pale ale

Confidence x 2

Real ale in a can

Red Eye Flight x 2

Rich mocha porter

Fortuna x 2

Fabulously fruity pale

FREE beer glasses x 2

Beautiful glasses to use to enjoy your brews.

Our craft beer makers

Thornbridge has been producing beer since 2005 and have racked up over 350 national and international awards.
Lost and Grounded
Lost and Grounded make blindingly good European inspired beers right here in the UK.
Tempest Brew Co.
As a chef, Gavin is obsessed with brewing beers that are as delicious and complex as his food.
Black Isle Brewery
Black Isle are committed to making world-class beer from the finest organic hops and malt, grown on farms without chemicals, as nature intended.