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Right now we're fully subscribed and there's a waiting list to become an Angel. Our Angels support independent winemakers in return for discounts, freebies, exclusive wines and more.

The Virtuous Circle - Invest £20 a month to get better wines and better prices:

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    What exactly is an Angel?

    Angels invest £20 month into their Naked Wines account. It's theirs to spend on wine anytime they like.

    Angels pay lower prices on all our wines (25% - 50% less than you) for helping us support talented independent winemakers.

    They also get exclusive access to the wines that they made possible, first dibs on all new wines, plus invites to Angel only tasting parties.

    Being an Angel has proved so popular that we've had to create a waiting list. But your estimated wait time is only about 30-40 days.

    Join the list today and you'll be on your way to joining them! There are no tie-ins and you can cancel and get your money back with no penalties.

    Support talented independent winemakers

    Meet some of the winemakers who's lives are being changed by Naked Wines Angels

    Sam Plunkett

    Australia   3,043 followers

    Sam is one of Australia's great winemakers. He has over 300 medals and trophies to prove it, including the trophy for the Best Shiraz in Australia!

    Adrian & Rebecca Santolin

    Australia   3,704 followers

    Boy (Adrian) meets Girl (Rebecca) are a young couple, both passionate about wine. Their lifelong dream was to make their own wine - now they're finally living that dream thanks to Angel funding.

    Carmen Stevens

    South Africa   4,950 followers

    One of South Africa's first black females to Graduate in winemaking. Carmen's dream was to make her own wines, but she didn't have the capital - until Angels rallied together to set her up in business.

    Jen Pfeiffer

    Australia   2,527 followers

    Australia's Young Winemaker of the Year 2009. With the help of Naked Wines funding, Jen is finally making delicious wines the way she wants!

    Daryl Groom

    Australia   135 followers

    The genius who made Australia's most expensive wine, Penfold's Grange. Daryl has over 35 year's winemaking experience - his wines were served at the Oscars and Emmys two years in a row!

    Rod Easthope

    New Zealand   4,349 followers

    Rod left his job as Chief Winemaker at an iconic New Zealand winery to become his own boss and make wine exclusively for Angels.

    Put your name down today and we'll add 3 Angel-funded wines worth £39.97 to your basket for FREE. Just checkout with 9 other bottles to claim them.